In the middle of a crowded city the paths of two strangers, a man and a woman, collide. This accidental, chance occurrence sets in motion a chain of events that sees the two strangers embark on a night of adventure and connection that challenges their separate lives.

ELLIPSIS is a film about the random nature of life and human interaction and the small choices that can set our course. Set in Sydney over the course of one night, it is also a portrait of the city and it's inhabitants. The film celebrates the distinct nature and idiosyncrasies of the people that live and work there. 

“ELLIPSIS was devised as an experiment. Conceived in three days, shot in seven days. The idea was propelled out of my experiences working as an actor over 30 years in film, the objective was twofold - to observe the effect on actors performance when all artifice is stripped bare and to trial a fast paced, efficient shooting regime allowing actors to instantly and organically engage in any real situation as the minimal crew captured the drama. Focusing on small moments of honest human connection, filmed largely in my lively, eclectic inner city Sydney neighbourhood and featuring real life characters interacting with the two main actors, ELLIPSIS is the result of this experiment.”


– David Wenham